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Corporate goals

Committed to the integration of ecological project resources, become the first Eco Park customized service provider and ecotourism service standard setter. The main force ecology, the main force of the ecology!

Foshan Zhu Li Jun ecological science Technology Co., Ltd.

Foshan main force ecological science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a Integrated Company for the design, planning, reconstruction and construction of a dragon service for the proposed, newly built, completed and operated ecological projects. At the same time, the research and development, design and sales of steel structure products for ecological projects, such as container houses, are designed, designed and sold for ecological projects. Light steel villa, zinc steel guardrail, modular staircase lights, and installation services.

Adhering to the concept of professional, honest, efficient, meticulous, cooperative, innovative and beginning, the company serves every customer and is committed to become a new generation of ecological project brand enterprises.
In the future development, the main force ecological science and Technology Co., Ltd. will take the ecological industry with intelligence, industrialization and modularization to bring the ecological industry to another higher quality, more environmental protection and more perfect step.